Tomorrow Waits For No One, written by Marcello Lanfranchi, debuted on the Internet as a text-based series in 2003. Billed as the soap opera for people with ADD, each installment consisted of a few paragraphs of mostly action, punctuated by dialogue. However, within a matter of weeks, the characters' voices came to life. True to the daytime drama form, TWFNO characters talked about most of the action. Not to suggest their lives were boring. The first 30 installments were filled with car crashes, amnesia, love triangles, murder attempts, forbidden love, embezzlement, a hurricane, deadly spiders, a feigned pregnancy, a kidnapping, jilted lovers, a faked death, the mob, blackmail, stolen jewels...  Did we mention the deadly spiders?

As the months passed, the number of subscribers climbed, eventually reaching a few hundred. In 2005, Lanfranchi took the first three installments and adapted them into the teleplay for the first episode, "Who Am I?". In 2008, he placed an ad seeking cast and crew to shoot the pilot episode. Filming commenced in October of that year and wrapped the following year. "Who Am I?" premiered at Asheville Pizza & Brewing on November 19, 2009.

The original concept evolved over time, starting out as a tense thriller and developing into a comedic drama, still filled with plenty of mystery and intrigue. The trailer above is for the 2009 pilot, which was made by a mostly inexperienced cast and crew, and
produced for a mere $800 (no, there are no zeros missing).


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Updated January 27, 2020