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Series Logline

The residents of Santa Lorena face sex scandals, medical mysteries, mob violence, corporate crime, mutant spiders... And it’s not even time for breakfast.

“Who Am I?” (Pilot Episode) Logline

On the run, a young man recovering from a devastating car accident struggles desperately to regain his memory as attempts are made on his life.


A young man is chased through the woods by two mobsters and struck by foxy FRANK CAIN’s car. Mystery man MARCUS LAZANO awakens in the morning with no recollection of his identity. Romantic sparks fly when dashing Det. COLE WASHINGTON is assigned to Marcus’s “missing persons in reverse” case. Frank thinks he's the only one who knows the truth, so he hatches a plot to enrich himself at Marcus’s expense. Those pesky mobsters have other plans, though. Meanwhile, there’s a love triangle brewing, as nurturing Nurse GAIL RENWICK has romance in her eyes, firmly planted on her soon-to-be cousin-in-law, dastardly District Attorney PHILIP BENTON. His girlfriend ruthless RONDA LIN, of course, won’t let anything come between her and her social climbing… uh... I mean her one true love. The town of Santa Lorena is also home of many more offbeat characters in this quirky dramedy mystery series.


SILICON VALLEY, the center of the high-tech universe. Amidst modern electronics offices and peaceful suburban streetscapes dotted with ticky-tacky ranch homes and lollipop trees, not all is as serene as it seems. Mystery and intrigue, plotting and backstabbing, passion and risk – they all play their parts in the daily lives of the residents of Santa Lorena. There are also some serious weirdos in this town!

What if you take a primetime soap, add a pinch of Silicon Valley, a dash of Desperate Housewives and sprinkle in a little Brooklyn Nine-Nine? You have Tomorrow Waits For No One.

It starts out with a bang (actually a few bangs and a crash).

A young man is chased through the woods by two mobsters and struck by foxy FRANK CAIN’s car. He's unconscious but alive. Frank calls 911 and, while waiting for the ambulance, he checks for an ID in the guy’s wallet. Whoa, a wad of large bills! As Frank mulls over what to do next, the ambulance arrives, he instinctively pockets the wallet.

Mystery man MARCUS LAZANO awakens in the morning with no recollection of his identity. Romantic sparks fly when dashing Det. COLE WASHINGTON is assigned to Marcus’s “missing persons in reverse” case. Frank thinks he's the only one who does know the truth, so he hatches a plot to enrich himself at Marcus’s expense. Those pesky mobsters have other plans, though.

Will Cole uncover Marcus’s past before Frank does? Will the mobsters finish the job Frank inadvertently started? Will the Santa Lorena University Temblors make it to the playoffs???

Meanwhile, there’s a love triangle brewing, as nurturing Nurse GAIL RENWICK has romance in her eyes, firmly planted on her soon-to-be cousin-in-law, dastardly District Attorney PHILIP BENTON. His girlfriend ruthless Ronda Lin, of course, won’t let anything come between her and her social climbing… uh... I mean her one true love.

Stolen jewels, a faked death, embezzlement, a hurricane, mutant spiders, ruling-class abuses, middle-class apathy, working-class struggles, a taxidermed skunk! These are the stories of the people of Santa Lorena, California.

Here’s a little bit of information about the key players:

Marcus Aurelius Lazano (24), a confused young man of Italian descent with boy-next-door good looks. Though Vincenzo, his father, was abusive, Marcus was a straight-A student until his mother Ramona was murdered, when he was 15. He was a suspect, but the DA didn’t believe he had a case strong enough to prosecute.

After dropping out of high school two years later, Marcus began to commit petty crimes, including theft and computer hacking. After a car accident, he was again accused of murder, this time of Joe Corelli, his father’s business partner. He was tried for both murders, but lack of evidence kept him from being convicted.

Before his body was found in the rubble of his Twin Creeks home, Marcus was suspected of committing the jewel heist at the Van der Griff Museum. This begs the question: who is the man Frank ran over?

Franklin “Frank” Samuel Cain (24), a jeans and tee-shirt kinda guy who loves heavy-metal music. Frank happens to be the same age as Marcus. A loan officer at the Bank of Santa Lorena, he got the job by blackmailing the human resources director. Police are investigating what may be an embezzlement at the bank.

Frank lives alone in a unit at the Silver Dollar Apartments in the low-income Riverview neighborhood. He grew up in a trailer park in nearby Mikesboro with his alcoholic mother and little brother Daniel. Their dad Jimmy split before the boys were old enough to have but a dim memory of him. After that, they endured a steady succession of “step dads.” Frank’s best (only) friend is Marblehead, a taxidermed skunk.

Det. Cole Malcolm Washington (33), a fashion-conscious-but-not-flashy African-American man. Cole is a detective with the Santa Lorena Police Department, and he takes his job seriously. Cole’s father Andre was murdered by drug dealers in 1986. Cole enrolled in the Santa Lorena Public Safety Academy immediately after graduating high school. He came out of the closet during his time at the academy and was shunned by everyone in his class. Chief Evans, longtime friend of the Washingtons, hired Cole knowing he was gay. In time, Cole was accepted by his colleagues after proving to them he was a good cop.

Hon. Philip Palmer Benton, Esq. (38), a distinguished man of old money. Philip is Santa Romilda County District Attorney, aspiring to higher office, he has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to win a case – or an election – and has crossed the line into ethically questionable territory in his pursuit of victory. Philip is the great-great-grandson of Santa Lorena founder Emerson Sterling Benton. He lives alone in a condo in upper-middle-class University Heights. He and Ronda Lin began dating a few months before and have a tempestuous relationship.

Ronda Elizabeth Lin (35), a stern brunette who dresses in no-nonsense business suits and keeps her hair pulled back into a bun, a suitable style for this tightly wound woman. Ronda lives alone in an apartment in the upper-middle-class Bayview neighborhood, which she can barely afford on her salary alone. Ronda is a typical Type-A personality: impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about her status, highly competitive, hostile, and aggressive, Ronda is not somebody one would want to cross. Ronda grew up working-class in nearby Santa Rosa. Her father is deceased and her over-critical mother lives in the home Ronda grew up in. Ronda and Philip have been dating for a few months. Before she began seeing Philip, Ronda had a brief affair with Eamon Riley, CFO of DeVries International, a married man. After that ended, she and Nathan DeVries, son of DVI founder Carter DeVries, became lovers. Neither truly trusted each other, so their fling didn’t last, but she and Nathan share a secret that could be devastating if revealed.

Abigail “Gail” Stephanie Renwick, RN, CEN (28), a pretty, wholesome-looking girl. Gail grew up in Santa Lorena and lives in an apartment in the McDonough Park neighborhood. She works on the 7th Floor at University Hospital. Gail has known Ann Benton since childhood and has had a crush on Ann’s brother Philip since she was a little girl. As Gail’s cousin Roger is engaged to Ann, Gail will have the opportunity to spend much more time with Philip. Gail’s relationship with her adoptive mother has long been strained, but her “Pop,” adoptive dad Charles, has always been proud of his little girl. While not opposed to money, Gail despises the command it has over our lives. Without making a conscious decision, she has chosen a lifestyle that eschews material opulence. Sharing a funkily decorated apartment with her friend Paige, Gail lives comfortably on her modest salary.

Antonio Cornelio Martinez, MD (40), a physician at University Hospital who grew up in Santa Lorena and lives with his wife Sierra, and their children Diego, Leticia, and Adriana, in a house in the middle-class Orchard Grove neighborhood. A devout family man and committed physician, Antonio has strong ties to his community. His family can trace their roots all the way back to the earliest days of Santa Lorena. In fact, they have a longstanding feud with the Bentons.

Det. Virginia “Ginny” Riley (32), a beautiful-but-tough SLPD detective who’s in excellent physical shape, despite her weakness for of junk food. Ginny grew up in Santa Lorena and lives alone in an apartment in McDonough Park. She became a cop after graduating from the academy, which she attended after receiving her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Ginny’s had to fight to be taken seriously as a cop and an investigator. The Riley’s are another prominent family in Santa Lorena, whose roots in town may be traced to the late-19th Century. Ginny’s father Eamon is the CFO for DeVries International, and her mother Brigit is a renowned obstetrician.

Margaret Park, MD, PhD (37), a petite Asian woman with a hint of a Korean accent, who emigrated at the age of 20. She studied psychiatry at UC San Francisco, graduating with honors in 1995. Margaret lives alone in a house in Bayview. She is the lead psychiatrist at Willow Brook Psychiatric Hospital. Margaret is known for her…unique communications style.

Minh “Martin” Nguyen (27), a Vietnamese-American man who grew up in Santa Lorena, Martin plays a variety of musical instruments and was in a couple of bands in high school and just after. Martin craves more from life than working a nine-to-five job.

Officer Sherman Hardwick (32), a tall, broad-built man, resembling a linebacker. An eager beaver, he’d like to rise through the SLPD ranks and become detective one day. He’ll do his utmost to earn the respect of his colleagues and superiors. Sherman has a strong sense of duty and knows right from wrong. Not a typical cop, his smile radiates, and people tend to feel comfortable opening up to him. In his off-time, he can be rather goofy.

Officer Lee Bollinger (40), a very stoic man, not much of a sense of humor. He takes his job as an SLPD cop very seriously and is not one to chat, nor does he mince words.

Leo Corelli (26), a menacing man of Italian descent. Leo grew up in Twin Creeks, VA. His mother died giving birth to his younger brother Bruno, and their father was murdered while Leo was in high school. Leo and Bruno vowed to find whoever was responsible for their father’s death and make that person pay.

Al Slezak (38), a large, menacing man of few words. Somewhat fastidious, Al detests getting his hands dirty, literally. He has a long history on the wrong side of the law.

Santa Lorena, CA (89), One of the other main characters is the fictitious Silicon Valley town of Santa Lorena itself. It is a suburb on the San Francisco Peninsula in fictional Santa Romilda County. Like all good soap communities, Santa Lorena is at once a small town and a bustling urban center.

Episodes 2-6 Synopsys

Episode 2: Beware The Stranger

After Marcus survives Leo’s attack, Cole shifts his attention to protecting Marcus’s life. Frank returns to his apartment to find it ransacked and is knocked out by Leo and Al, who snatch Marcus’s wallet. Leo inadvertently leaves behind his PDA, which is later discovered by the police. Cole suspects Frank might know more than he’s letting on and assigns Officer Hardwick to follow him. Hardwick learns that Frank is flying to Twin Creeks, VA. Frank discovers that Marcus supposedly died in a fire only weeks before and had been accused of murder and was a suspect in the Van der Griff jewel heist. Ronda and Gail have a confrontation at the hospital. Gail plots to break Philip and Ronda up and witnesses a heated argument between them. Officer Bollinger is attacked, and Marcus is missing. When Cole finds Marcus hiding in a ventilation shaft, he’s stabbed in the back by Leo.

Episode 3: The Commonwealth of Virginia

As Leo prepares to plunge the knife into Marcus’s chest, Cole shoots Leo in the back. Cole surmises that Leo might have attacked Frank. Philip pressures Cole into wrapping up the case. Marcus and Cole share a kiss. Under hypnosis, Marcus begins to remember his criminal past. Frank hatches a plan to have Marcus move in with him so he can further manipulate the situation but asks Marcus not to let Cole know they’ll be housemates, explaining that he wants to patch things up with Cole first. Gail overhears Philip arguing with Ronda. Gail later enlists Philip’s aid in salvaging the bridal shower plans that Ann has unwittingly sabotaged. Ronda walks in as Gail thanks him with a kiss. Ronda and Gail have another heated exchange.

Episode 4: It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

Marcus moves into Frank’s apartment as someone watches from across the street. Ronda hires Marcus as a clerk for the SLPD. Cole takes Marcus to dinner. They drink a bit too much wine and end up in bed together.

Marcus eavesdrops as Cole and Ginny discuss the connection between Leo and the break-in at Frank’s apartment, as well as Cole’s plans to fly back to Twin Creeks. Marcus searches Cole’s email and confronts Frank. Frank admits he knows Marcus’s identity and taunts Marcus about his past. Marcus collapses, and Frank calls 911. Ginny flies to Twin Creeks, just as reports that a hurricane may hit the region. Frank visits Marcus and apologizes for the things he’s said. Marcus comes to and explains that he’s remembered much of his past. He offers half of the jewels to Frank if he helps him get to Twin Creeks. Frank leaves to make travel arrangements. As Marcus exits the hospital, Leo’s partner Al attacks and chloroforms him. Ann’s surprise bridal shower goes off without a hitch, but Ronda sulks. Ronda and Gail later have another conflict, and Gail makes it clear she will not kowtow. At Ronda’s home, Philip apologizes to Ronda for not prioritizing their relationship and vows to do better.

Episode 5: My Cousin Vito

Marcus is taken to an abandoned warehouse where he is confronted by his father Vincenzo. Cole learns that Frank is Marcus’s housemate. Frank returns home to find Cole waiting for him. Cole threatens to harm Frank if it turns out that he has anything to do with Marcus’s plight. Ginny informs Cole that the Twin Creeks mob owns an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. Cole arrives and sees Vincenzo beating Marcus. Al attacks Cole and they struggle. Cole’s gun goes off, killing Al. Vincenzo takes Marcus to his car and roars off. Cole gives chase. Marcus and Vincenzo end up on the catwalk of a bridge crossing the river catwalk. As they struggle over Vincenzo’s gun, Vincenzo slips and falls into the river.

Marcus comes clean to Cole, admitting to the Van der Griff break-in and faking his death. Cole and Marcus meet Ginny in Twin Creeks and search for the jewels at Marcus’s Lake Claire cabin but find nothing. At Twin Creeks, Vincenzo’s cousin Vittorio threatens Frank until Frank informs him that Marcus is alive. Frank offers to split half of the jewels with Vito if he helps recover the loot. Frank and Vito find that Marcus owned a cabin at Lake Claire. As Hurricane Jorge intensifies, Frank and Vito head to Lake Claire. Marcus has a flash of memory and announces that he, Cole, and Ginny must return to the cabin.

Episode 6: Something Wicked…

As Marcus, Cole, and Ginny enter the cabin, Frank and Vito confront them. A gunfight ensues. Vito escapes but is knocked out by a falling tree limb. While driving down the mountain, a levee breaks and washes the vehicle into the swollen river. All escape the car. Frank rescues Ginny from sure death. Marcus is stuck in a tree in the middle of the raging river. Cole and a female volunteer firefighter, with the aid of a bow and arrow tied to a rope, rescue Marcus.

Ronda makes a mysterious call to a Nathan, explaining that there is a change of plans. While shopping for a wedding present, she bumps into Gail, who is doing the same. Amidst catty sniping, they try to one-up each other, and both spend much more than their budget really will allow. Later, Ronda calls a man named Rico and asks him to dig up dirt on Gail. At Gail’s apartment, she and housemate Paige discuss ways to hypothetically destroy Philip and Ronda’s relationship.

Cole and Marcus learn that Vito has escaped custody. Frank eavesdrops as Marcus remembers he hid the jewels at the abandoned Wilhelm mansion. Frank heads to the mansion and trails him. At the mansion, Marcus and Cole recover the precious gems, but a gun-wielding Frank gets the best of them. After tying Marcus and Cole to a chair, Frank begins to leave but is confronted by Vito, who shoots Frank in the chest. Vito then aims his gun at Marcus and Cole.

Season 1 Arc:

  • Marcus is sent to prison for his crimes.
  • Marcus disappears. Cole, Ginny, and Margaret team up to find him.
  • Evidence of another murder points toward Marcus.
  • Ronda finds a way to keep Philip away from Gail.
  • Ronda is confronted by her past crimes.
  • Philip and Gail are accused of masterminding the embezzlement at the Bank of Santa Lorena.
  • Frank is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, but he turns the tables on his enemies.
  • Martin becomes the victim of blackmail.
  • Gail searches for her biological mother, but Ronda’s uncovered a dirty secret about the adoption.
  • A mysterious affliction sweeps through town, and Dr. Martinez must partner with a mysterious professor to discover what is killing residents.
  • Ginny tangles with a deranged woman out to avenge her true love.
  • And much, much more...
Tomorrow Waits For No One will attract an audience as varied as its very diverse cast, which includes gay and lesbian characters and character roles not often available to actors of color. Scripts have been drafted for episodes one through six and the rest of the first season has been storyboarded. Several characters introduced during the first season could be spun off into their own series, maybe titled Another Day Awaits Us.

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